Friday, October 12, 2012


21 N Eutaw St Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 545-5112 Nested in a rather sketchy part of town, just a few blocks from Lexington Market and a few blocks from the Orioles/ Ravens stadiums. Therefore on game day expect a lot of traffic and no parking. This old bank has been remodeled into a mohogany panelled pub, giving it a luscious old English feel. First off, I went in there with my partner who is wheat intollerant, the waitress was extremely attentive to her needs and pretty much attentive overall, and I should mention that the place was packed since it was a Ravens game night. As a beer aficionado, I was extremely happy to see their extensive beer list. In fact, I must say I was so pleasently surprised that certain rare beers were available. As far as higher end beers go this place so far carries the greatest selection I have seen in Baltimore, including the locally famous Fells Point landmark Max's (which I also love).The house burger is to die for, absolutelty deliciously juicy and cooked to perfection. I must add that this burger is compiled from high quality cuts not assorted animal parts. The vegetarian black bean patty, for my less flesh loving partner was also delicious. On the other hand, the extremely thin cut fries (fried in duck fat), I can do without. Because they are cut too thin they tend to over absorb the fat they are fried in making them either limp or burnt. To m dissapointment, they do not carry Grey Poupon, leaving me stuck with the neon yellow substance Americans call "mustard". On the other hand the waitress was quick to offer a lovely aioli dipping sauce, which can also be used on your burger. Again skip the fries. Reservations are available during the week but not on the weekends. This is definitively the place to get a sublime burger and a good beer, in fact this is where you will find me when I get that craving again.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Waterstone Bar and Grill

311 W Madison St Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 225-7475 So, this used to be my neighborhood watering hole after my workouts with my best friend, he used to get the sirlon tips, I would get something else. I live literally two blocks from here, so yes I have tried pretty much everything. Lets start with the ambiance...lovely remodeled, dimmed in the main dining area, for those love birds in all of us. The front house sports a nice size bar with multiple televisions, so if you want to see lets say the Superbowl half game show here...come on over..order some wings. The cocktails are nice and strong and I have yet to witness a bartender looking up a recipe, which I would not have a problem with as long as my drink was concocted correctly. Someone in the reviews said that because of the proximity to the hospital they experienced several interruptions...I have been here plenty of times and I have never heard an ambulance. ( I should mention that I do frequent this place after 7pm) Next service: reviewers on here say they were not happy with the service. The people working here are quite lovely. In Fact one of the servers once aware of my partner's wheat intollerance she went far and beyond her call of duty to make sure we would be aware of even wheat hiding in sauces. Now that's what I call great service. If you have an issue bring it up and they will fix it. The owner is usually there in the evening and she will take care of any issues if they can't. I would love to mention that the last waitress was so extremely attentive with my partner's food regarding her allergies to wheat, that she made several inquiries with the kitchen to make sure her food was perfect. (that was very sweet.) The tapas are very yummy, with a lovely Greek fair. Nice dolmadas, large chunks of feta cheese and lovely pita. The salads are always nice and crispy, you know you are in heaven when you bite into a nice crispy leaf of lettuce. No sitting out salads here. Next main entrees...Every entree I have had ,has been flavourful, this old foodie likes the steaks ( I like protein I may add) as well as the salmon which are big winners in my dictionary. Last but not least desserts, this place does not make their own desserts., just being honest here. You would be a fool to think that they do. Noneless my partner in crime aka workout buddy is a total dessert addict and he loves their selection. The one qualm I have is, the trick to having your food perfectly served....ask your waiter/waitress to bring it out very hot, otherwise mark my will get cold food (dont know why, but you will). I shall return to the Waterstone and ask for my food hot! Check their schedule for live entertaiment.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Oceanaire Seafood Room

801 Aliceanna St Baltimore, MD 21202 (443) 872-0000 One word describes my experience at Oceanair. Fabulous!! Ok! I am usually against chains and this place has one thing pat down to the T when it comes to chains...amazing quality. First off this is no Red Lobster!! Don 't come in here with your loud children, (dont ruin it for the rest of us, unless they are well behaved) this is the mommy and daddy go out on a date kind of place. Leave the children to granpa, grandma, the neighbor, because this is spectacular food for adults!! At adults prices, mind you. Yes!! We all know quality comes with a tag!! But this tag is worth every savory second. Oooo it is... I felt like I was on a ship and the seafood was being pried from the high seas to be delicately cooked for just my little old seld. In few words it is FRESH FRESH FRESH. Lets put this way, you want oysters from Japan... you got it my friend...they did not come frozen, then were flown here from japan...OVERNIGHT!! Ok maybe a little ice was needed, but you get my drift. But don't you feel special? Just like a movie star...ok...lets snap out of it.. Oh wait I can't I cannot get their fabulous food out my mind. Gosh all mighty, the food is what makes this place heaven, if you like seafood THIS IS your place, and even if you don't, I bet they can turn you to somethind delishhhhcious. Everything is cooked so simply and deliciously. I admire the ones that have the bravery to let the true fruit of nature shine by just focusing on complimentary flavors that will bring out the high points, instead of eating a chunk of cheap cheese that hide the little tiny side of salmon that hides beneath. Simple is a true gift...well mastered in this kitchen! So, ok, the food is awesome. Whoever said the prices are high, yeah duh...again....imagine you, your date high sea, chef by the side. Cheaper here than an actual cruise I might add. In fact the inside of the Oceanaire is a kinda classy replica of an old school sexy cruise ship dining room. Except no personal inflatable life saving devices here. Service...impeccable!...I have no words. They know their wine and they know their seafood. Dessert, classical cheesecake factory sorta deal, I am not a dessert person so I can do without... in fact if I must focus on seafood calories so seriously who needs dessert. If you must, at this location skip it, go to Haas and Daas, right across the street.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Glarus Chocolatier

644 S Exeter St Baltimore, MD 21202 (410) 727-6601 Wonderful locations eludes an appeal to luxurious chocolate at elevated prices (they must pay their rest right?) Don't get me wrong, the chocolates are quite exquisite, specially the chocolate covered expresso beans. The attendant although extremely friendly in nature is quite ineducated in the art of chocolate making. Overall: 2 stars

BangBang Mongolian Grill

2400 Boston Street Baltimore, MD 21224 (410) 327-2264 What are you people thinking, tried this once, would I go back? umm no!!! Yeah yeah I read the other reviews claiming the place to be pricey, some say that you get 3 meals out of the large bowl. Some say you get free yogourt. Here is my quarrell. Why do you want to go to a PRETTY MUCH OMELETTE BAR with noodles? are pretty much paying to put together your own meal and then someone to stir fry it for 5 minutes. Here is why I am so torn..OK....I like the fact I get to pick my ingredients. I am a foodie afterall, but the other problem is...that if you are not a foodie, you have the issue of some of these poor "victims" here and there wirtting will 1. utilize too much hot spice and burn the crapp out of your tongue, or 2. mix two totally contrasting flavors and have crappy tasting food. So umm is a give and the other note they have a gluten free menu that will help you locate ingredients that wont make you sick. I guess picking your ingredients is part of the appeal, but then so is going to a market and preparing things at home...unless you tend to burn stuff. As far as wine choices, the are very minimal and the set up is self serve. This is no fancy swancy date choice My rating: two stars

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abbey Burger Bistro

1041 Marshall St
Baltimore, MD 21230
Neighborhood: Federal Hill

(443) 453-9698
This is entirely a burger joint for non foodies.
I was happy you can build your own burger.
I was unhappy at the result.
Not because my combinations sucked, but because the portion were for midgets (sorry midgets that eat a lot).
Mind you this girl doesnt eat much, but come on. One slice of pineapple?
Stingy a tad?
I had the Kangaroo burger..dont waste your money, it was dry as hiatis...if you want to knock it off your list of eaten I did then go right ahead...otherwise is like eating dirt from Australia. Kangaroos are marsupials, herbivores, they are NOT giant rats. BTW!
Service was courteous and attentive, it helps that they have a good looking crew. LOL afterall this place is practically a frat house.
And when have you know fraternities to care of what they eat? They care of what they drink...and the beer list....QUITE LONG!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taco fiesta

618 S Exeter St
Baltimore, MD 21264

This is the worst taco place I have been in my life!
The meat was extremely insipid!!
My burrito was piled high of beans.
I must say though that the service was courtesous and they took care of such overload.
Maybe due to their location but their food is over priced.
On the good side, they do carry beer, unlike Chipotle (far higher quality of burro) or Taco Bell.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Chopaan Kabob

Category: Mediterranean
Neighborhood: Mount Vernon

Quick and fast Mediterranean cuisine. Own by a local guy that puts his heart and soul into his food. Try the shish Kabobs. They will melt in your mouth. I know this place used to get a lot of bad rep a couple of years ago, due to poor management from the previous owner and poor cooking. Well things have changed for the brighter end.

Field House

Category: Sports Bars
Neighborhood: Canton/Highlandtown

2400 Boston St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 800-4004

You might pass this place several times before you realize his is not a gym, this is not the field house of a nearby campus. I know I never paid attention to the awkwardly square building that has absolutely nothing to offer as far as aesthetics from the outside. Once you are at the door, you do realize this is an eating establishment and you do realize that there is a fairly large patio up front.
The inside is just a huge warehouse like building, that strike a certain time turns into a frat house atmosphere. Loud music and a 20 something thumping crowd. The menu is an absolute mess of American college campus classics, with a few Baltimore Classics (crab cakes). The food is nothing to write home, possibly because a couple frat kids are actually doing the cooking out back. The wine list is miserable but the booze and beer choices can make any college kid (hopefully over 21) smile. The service was friendly and fast, a little slacking on paying attention of what we really wanted...example "keep the fries" and she brought "fries". But overall the service was attentive and quick.
If I was 21 and in college; this would be my hang out place of choice. But as a foodie I would not want to be caught dead here.
Overall rating 2 stars


1013 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 332-0332

My favorite Sushi place in Mt. Vernon., consistent food quality and great friendly service. The waiters are always willing to go the extra step to please the customer ( I was helped with Iphone charge yesterday). The places is ample and hip with a mix of old (from the original structure of the building ) and the new from the restoration. This place offers an array of weekly specials, from $1 sushi, to $3 martinis, etc etc. It is the only place in the city with decent Pho open in the evening hours. Yes you heard me right. Pho in the city!! The pho is ok, and it will fulfill the craving. As far as the sushi goes it is very fresh and the rice cooked perfectly. Their hot entrees are also to rave for. Their bar choices also quite expansive and it includes good choices of wines and sakes and let's not forget a well put together happy hour.